Because you are not forced to input matchdetails, the statistics could be empty. The "Statistic" page is devided into 4 pages:

- Goals and cards
- League
- Teams
- Referees

Goals and cards
This page has tables for all goals, own goals, penalties, penalties missed, and red and yellow cards ordered by number. After the header is the total number between brackets.
This data should be filled at the "details" window. Use the selectionbox at the top of the page to select whether you want the statistics for all teams or just a single team.
(The number of goals is including the penalties.)

If a player played for more than one team, use the "Cumulative if more than one team" checkbox to select whether you want seperated lines or cumulated.
For example. Aroune Kone (Roda JC) 4 goals and Arouna Kone (PSV) 2 goals, or Arouna Kone (PSV, Roda JC) 6 goals.
Doubleclick a player to see a detailed overview.

The graphics shows the progress of a league. Choose from 4 different graphics:
  • Win/loss. The line goes up for wins and goes own for losses.
  • Points. The total number of points reached.
  • Total wins. The total number of wins.
  • Total draws. The total number of draws.
  • Total losses. The total number of losses.
  • When did they score, in what part of the match. Use the spinners to devide the match into other parts.
  • The same for goals against.
  • Match won per period.
Use the selectionboxes for which teams you like to see. For these graphics it is important to fill the matchdetails as minutes scored, dates and/or round for the best result. If dates and round are not filled, the line will be alfabetically on opponent where the homematches come first followed by the away matches. Use the buttons to save the graph to disc (.png), open the image in your browser, or upload it to the internet.

At the right side of the page you see most goals, best goals balance, etc. If more than one match is found, the number of matches will be displayed at the upperright.

License option
Select up to three colors for each club in de Clubinfo window. These colors are used for the bars or lines for these clubs. If team 2 has the same first color as team 1, the second color (if it is set) is used for team 2. And so on... If no colors are set, the program uses random colors.
Furthermore, select the two colors used for the background.

At the left of the page you will find all players of a team and how many matches he/she played, goals scored, etc. Order the table by clicking at the buttons at the top. Use the selectionbox to select the team you like to see. This table can be send to HTML, opened in your browser or uploaded by FTP. For more information see Settings.
(The number of goals is inclusive penalties.)

At the right you see the biggest win, most goals scored, etc. If more than one match is found, the number of matches will be displayed at the upperright.

At the bottom of the page you see the results for the last 5 matches. A green forecolor means a win, red a loss and black a draw. Next to this table you see the upcoming 5 matches. A white backcolor means a homematch, grey an awaymatch.

In the referee table you see how many matches a referee had led and how many cards and penalties he/she gave to one of the teams. Order the list by clicking at the buttons at the top.

Doubleclick a referee to see a detailed overview.

This is the save overview as at the "Settings" page.

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