League Tables

- Automatic
- Manually

By default the league tables are generated automatically by the program.

The page "Total" contains the total league table. The pages "Home" and "Away" contains the league tables for the home and away matches.

If your leagues has more than one period, you can select the period you want to see from selectionbox. In the total league table the periodwinners are colored with the color youset in the "Settings" page. If a period is still running, the leader of the period is colored too.

With the options "Up to date" and "Up to round" you can see the league table earlier that season. Select these options from the selectionbox, enter the date or round and click the "OK" button.

At the bottom of the page you can see the last time you added a result for this league.

If you don't have all results of a league, you can still input the league tables by clicking the checkbox at the rightbottom of the page.

Use the "Manual league table" button to open a new window:

Input for every team the matches won and lost, number of draws, goals scored, goals against. If you like, the number of matches played and number of points will be calculated by the program. Use the "Check" button the check for input errors.

The "League Table" page now shows the manually entered league table. Use the checkbox again to use the automatic league table. In both cases no data is deleted, so you can change from manual to automatic and reversed anytime without losing data.

If you use manual league table this is at the bottom of the window:

Manual league tables are not possible if you use a "half point" league.

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