This program has many different settings. An explanation of each can be found at this page. General setings, "Persons" and "Other" are for all leagues, the page "Current league" is for the currently opened league.

- Referees
- Players
- Managers

Current league
- Points per match
- Promotion/Relegation
- My teams
- Match schedule
- Results not played
- League type
- Input results
- Photofolder players
- Playtime

- Skin
- Colors
- Folder Export/HTML
- Clubinfo
- Match details
- Text point penalty/extra points
- Other options

Enter new referees by filling in the name box en click at the "Add" button. To delete an existing referee, just click at his/her name, click the rightmousebutton and choose for "Delete". You can edit the name of a referee by using the rightmousebutton followed by choosing "Edit name". Enter the correct name en click "OK". In all tables/files the name of the referee will be changed. Notice: if there is more than one referee with the same name, all names of these referees will be changed!
You can manually add a picture of a referee by selecting the referee and clicking at the photo(frame). Now select an image from your harddisc. The image will be resized to fit into the frame. Maximum size of the picture is 85 x 73 pixels.

The best way of adding pictures to the program is as follows. Save your images of referees in the subfolder "My Documents\SportsLeague\referees". The program always checks this folder for images of referees. If the file exists, it will be displayed in the photoframe. The name of the image must be exaclty the same as the name of the referee (case insensitive). And the images must be of the jpg-format.

Quickly search for a referee by filling the "Filter" field. Just type a (part of the) name of a referee to shorten the list of referees. Another way to filter the list is by choosing "Active/Inactive/Both". By default only the active referees are displayed.

Delete all referees at once by clicking at the "Delete" button at the bottom of this page. All referees will be deleted, but the pictures will still be on your harddisc.

Doubleclick a referee for a detailed overview per season. The number of penalties means the number of penalties he/she has given.

Input, edit and delete players the same way as referees. The difference is that you must enter the teamname he/she plays in. Choose an existing team from the selectbox or use the "New team" option to enter a new teamname. It is possible to add one player to more than one team.
See "Referees" for adding pictures of the players. The default subdirecory for players to store your pictures in is "My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\[team]\". To add a picture of player Ronaldo of team Manchester, save his picture as "My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\manchester\ronaldo.jpg". This way, the images will be displayed in the program automatically.
The maximum imagesize is 85 x 75 pixels and the name is case insensitive.

It is also possible to add players at the matchdetails window.

Delete all players at once by clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom of this page. All players will be deleted, but the pictures will still be on your harddisc.

Search for a player by typing a (part of the) name of a player in the "Filter" field. Another way to shorten the list of players is by using the "Active/Inactive/Both" selectbox.

At this page you can also enter more information about players, such as nationality, date of birth, etc. Both nationality and position can be filled from a list. Open the list by clicking at the button. Use this new window to add options to the list (textbox) and delete options (rightmouseclick) from the list. Select an option by doubleclicking the options. To enter dates you can use the calendar to select dates more easily.

The "Active" option is used to shorten the list of players. If a player is no longer active just uncheck this box.

At the bottom you can find overall statistics of each player. These are a summary of all entered leagues in Sports League. It does not matter for what team a player played. The totals will be calculated per name. Ths first filed give 2 values: 1/2. This means that a player was 2 times in the selection of his team, but only once really was an active player on the field. The other match he/she was only a substitution. See details for more info.
Doubleclick a player for a more detailed overview per season.

Input, edit and delete managers the same way as referees.
The default folder for pictures is "My Documents\SportsLeague\managers". The maximum imagesize is 85 x 75 pixels and the name is case insensitive.

Search for a manager by typing a (part of the) name of a manager in the "Filter" field. Because a manager usually manages for many years, there is no "Active/Inactive" option for managers.

Delete all manager at once by clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom of this page. All managers will be deleted, but the picture wil still be on your harddisc.

Doubleclick a manager for a detailed overview per season.

Points per match
It is possible to modify the number of points the teams get per match for a win, draw and loss. The advantage is that the program can be used for several different sports. It is also possible to choose for a point per goal.

This is used for coloring the results pages. Choose how many teams should be colored.

My teams
Select the teams you like. "Your" teams will be displayed bold at the Results page and the Standings pages. Also the HTML output marks your teams by using the stylesheet.

Match schedule
Use this option to enable/disable the dutch KNVB match schedule. It is possible to select another schedule (more teams) than there are teams in the league. It is also possible to add your own match schedules! See for more information match schedules.

Results not played
If a match is not played yet, select what you want to see in the resultstable at the "Results" page and the HTML output. This will be displayed in red.
  • Empty
  • Particularities
  • Date. This will be displayed as day/month, so the 13th of november will be 13/11.
  • Particularities/date. The date will be shown, but is the particulatiry is filled, this will be shown.
  • Date/particularities. The particultirities will be shown, but if the date is filled, the date will be shown.

League type
Since version 3.0 it is possible to enter "Half", "One and a half" and "Double" leagues. The default value is "Full league".

Input results
This option can not be modified. Select this option when entering a new league.

Photodirecory players
Players change from teams mostly at the end of the season. Besides that, players will become older and sometimes are looking different the before. Therefore it is possible to select another subfolder for the pictures of the players. So you can add new picture for each season if you like. Use the "delete" button to reset this option.

This means that there are 3 ways for selecting pictures of players:
  • Per player. Click the photo(frame) and select an image from your harddisc.
  • Per season. Select the players photofolder. This folder must have subfolders for each team. These subdirectories contain the picture of the players. For example. select "C:\photo-season-2004-2005" as photofolder. The picture of Bergkamp should be located at "C:\foto-season-2004-2005\arsenal\bergkamp.jpg".
  • Default. Same as option 2, but this only uses folder "My Documents\SportsLeague\teams".
This is also the order for displaying pictures. So if option 1 is not found (not used), the program will try option 2 and then option 3. If no picture is found an empty photoframe will be displayed.

Set the default playtime of a match for each league. This value is used when entering the players in the line-up and for the "Statistics/League" page.

License option
After receiving your licensecode by email, you can activate your code by filling the fields below. Enter the website for which you received your license and enter your licensecode. If you entered these fields correctly, you can also edit in this box:
  • The logo at the upperright corner of the window which will point to the website you entered.
  • The background images
  • Change the backgroundcolors for the graph

Select the logo from your harddrive. It is possible to use jpg, bmp, png, (animated) gif files. The size of the image should be 200x72 pixels for the best result. With the compressed window option the image is only 200x26 pixels.


Adjust the colors used by the program as you like. Use the "Reset colors" button to reset the colors to their default value.
  • Accents - The empty cells in the resultstable
  • Headers - The headers of the columns
  • Selection - Selected match in the resulttable
  • Period win - Fontcolor of the period winners in the standings page and fontcolor for the active pages
  • Champion/CL - Backcolor in the standingstable
  • Promotion/UEFA - Backcolor in the standingstable
  • Decision - Backcolor in the standingstable
  • Relegation - Backcolor in the standingstable


Adjust the HTML output by modifying the stylesheet. Check the internet for how to use stylesheets.
The elements in the stylesheet:
  • BODY
  • A
  • A.am (hyperlinks in the "My team" cells)
  • A.apop (hyperlinks for popup at matches to show matchdetails)
  • .tabel (tables)
  • TR.tabelkop (first row in a table)
  • TD.ci (cell with league information)
  • TD.ul (resultstable column with teams)
  • TD.ulm (resultstabel my teams)
  • TD.uk (resultstable results column)
  • TD.ukm (resultstable columns my teams)
  • TD.ukl (resultstable empty cells)
  • TD.sl (standingstables team cells)
  • TD.slm (standingstable my team cells)
  • TD.skp (standingstable points column)
  • TD.sk (standingstable other small columns)
  • TD.skm (standingstable other small columns my teams)
  • TABLE.data_table (standings when using tabs, table standingstables)
  • TABLE.tabs_table TD (standings when using tabs, cells with tabs)
  • TABLE.tabs_table TD.tab_active (standings when using tabs, cell with selected tab)
  • TABLE.tabs_table TD.tab (standings when using tabs, cell with not selected tabs)
  • TABLE.tabs_table TD.tab_hover (standings when using tabs, cells with not selected tabs mouseover)
  • TD.stl (statisticstables players)
  • TD.stlm (statisticstables players my team)
  • TD.stk (statisticstables number)
  • TD.stkm (statisticstables number my team)
  • TD.wd (matchschedule tables match date cells)
  • TD.wl (matchschedule tables teams cells)
  • TD.wlm (matchschedule tables my teams cells)
  • TD.wk (matchschedule tables result cells)
  • TD.ws (matchschedule tables "-")
  • TD.wv (matchschedule tables matchreport cell)
  • TD.wwd (matchschedule tables matchdetails cell)
  • '.kop' (header above table)
  • '.kopschema', (header above matchschedule tables)
  • TD.vl (birthdays columns name and team)
  • TD.vk (birthdays columns date and age)
  • TD.tsl (teamstatistics name column)
  • TD.tsk (teamstatistics other columns)
  • TD.hrat (history all-time standings team column)
  • TD.hrap (history all-time standings points column)
  • TD.hrak (history all-time standings other columns)
  • TD.hdel (history goals, cards, etc player column)
  • TD.hdek (history goals, cards, etc number column)
  • TD.hexl (history extremities wide columns)
  • TD.hexk (history extremities number columns)
  • TD.horl (history head-to-head logo cells)
  • TD.hort (history head-to-head team cells)
  • TD.horw (history head-to-head text cells "matches", "wins", etc)
  • TD.hork (history head-to-head number cells)
  • TD.hore (history head-to-head empty cells)
  • TD.hord (history head-to-head date cells)
  • TD.horc (history head-to-head leaguename cell)
  • TD.horu (history head-to-head results cells)
  • TD.horm (history head-to-head minute cells)
  • TD.hors (history head-to-head player cells)
  • TD.hspl (history players player cells)
  • TD.hspk (history players number cells)
  • TR.pwh (Quick schedule, header row with date)
  • TR.pwm (Quick schedule, rows "My team")
  • TD.pwd (Quick schedule, date column)
  • TD.pwl (Quick schedule, teams column)
  • TD.pwk (Quick schedule, result column)

Select either internal or external stylesheet. When choosing for external the LINK-tag is added for the stylesheet:
<LINK HREF="hispage.css" TYPE="text/css" REL="StyleSheet">
The option "<BODY> only" means that only the code in between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags will be in the output file. This way you can, for example, use the "Include" option in PHP.

Use the extension box to set the extension for your HTML output file. Default, this is set to ".HTML" (empty).

Use the "HTML between 2 tables" button to set what HTML code or text must be between 2 tables. It is also possible to set the start- and endtags. This means the HTML code/text at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page.

Folder Export/HTML

By default, output files are saved in the folder "My Documents/SportsLeague". Use this option to set an other folder to save your files. Reset this option by using the "Delete" button.

By clicking this button a new window will open.

Record address, town, zip, telephone number, etc.
Use the button at the left bottom to add all clubs from the current league at once. Delete all clubs by clicking the button at the right bottom. To add one club manually, click the "Add" button. Type a clubname and click the "Add" button again. Use the "Delete" button to delete the selected club. Use the "Import" button to import clubinformation from an exported file.

All information can be saved as HTML file. It is also possible to open the created HTML file or to upload the file to your host.

License option
Select up to three colors for each club. These colors are used in the matchdetail window and for the graph at the statistics page (league). To disable a color (reset to default), just click the button and click "Cancel". If a color is not used, an "X" appears in the button.

This clubinformation will be shown at the "results" page when you click a team (first column). Both website and email are clickable hyperlinks.

Notice: A club is not the same as a team! For Example, Chelsea is the club which has teams like Chelsea 1, Chelsea 2, Chelsea 3, etc. So to enter the clubinformation only once, add Chealsea is a club. If you have a league with a team named "Chelsea 3", the program checks the clubinfo for a team named "Chelsea 3". If this exists, this clubinformation will be shown. If this not exists, the program will search for "Chelsea" (everything before the last space).

Match details
Click this button to open a new window.

The program can record 8 different mathdetails. The first 6 are fixed:
  • Goal
  • Own goal
  • Yellow card
  • Red card
  • Penalty
  • Penalty missed
The description can be changed in both singular and plural as you like.

In the statistics the goals and penalties are added together.

The text of the last 2 matchdetails can be changed, but also the icon can be changed. To do this, click the button and select your icon. The best imagesize is 16 x 16 pixels.

The last field tells how many times this detail is used in the program. Click on it to see in what leagues it is used.

The settings for FTP can be changed here. SFTP/FTPS is not supported yet!

Fill in your username, password, ftpserver and port (usually 21). The option "Passive" is a way for transferring files. Usually this must be "on".
Use the "HTML folder" field to set the folder on the server where the files should be uploaded to. Notice the "/" in stead of the "\". For more information see HTML.
The "Results folder" is used to store the files used for entering results over the internet. (See FTP)
Use the "Test" button to test the connection.

Text penalty points / extra points
The text under the standings for extra points/penalty points can be changed here.

Other options
At the bottom of this window there are three more options to modify:
  • Include extra matches in statistics. With this option "on", the goals and cards for extra matches are added to the totals.
  • Compressed window. SportsLeague is suitable for 1280x600 resolution with this option selected.
  • Date format. Select the date format you like.

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