The dutch KNVB works with matchschedules for leagues with 3 to 14 teams in it. We develloped these schedules for leagues with more than 14 teams in it just like the KNVB schedules. This way it is possible for each league to work with an automatic schedule.
Example league with 4 teams:
RoundTeam homeTeam away
So you have to give every team a number/position in the schedule and the schedule is ready.
Turn on the schedule with the menu option "Match schedule/Apply":

Drag your teams to their position in the schedule.

At this page you can also enter the starttimes for each team for the homematches they play. You can also enter a default starttime for each team where its starttime is empty.

It is also possible to work with periods. At the "period" page select which rounds belong to period 1, 2, etc. For each period you have to set the last round in the period. Do not forget to mark the checkbox at the bottom "Apply period", otherwise nothing happens.

It is possible to work with periods and round when the schedule is turned off. Therefore you have to enter the round and period manually in the "Matchdetails" window.

Enter on what date a round is played at the "Dates" page. Only the dates that you fill in this window will be filled in the date field for the matches. All the empty dates (in this window) will be skipped, even when "Overwrite dates" is checked. Check the box at the bottom "Overwrite dates" to overwrite the date if it is already filled. Use the button "Fill dates" to fill the dates from the current league as good as possible. (Notice that matches of one round can be played at different dates.)

Set the checkbox "Overwrite times" on if you want to overwrite a starttime if it is already filled. When you don't enter a starttime in this window (empty), nothing happens.

Notice: This window is used to apply a match schedule (and dates/times). The data you enter at this window is applied to the league/matches, but is not saved for the next time you open this window.

Turn off match schedule
If you want to determine by yourself what round a match belongs to, you can turn off the match schedule. Goto the "Settings/Current league" page and uncheck the checkbox. Now you can enter the period and round in the "Matchdetails" window by yourself. With the schedule turned off it is not possible to enter results with the "Input results" window. You have to enter results at the "results" page.
At anytime you can turn the schedule back on. The manually entered rounds will be overwritten.

Select what schedule should be played. This must be at least equal to the number of teams in the league. For example it is possible to play a 14 teams schedule with a 12 teams league.

Add your own schedules
Another great option in SportsLeague is that you can add your own schedules. Click the menu option "Match schedule/Match schedules".

Select a CSV file with the file button, enter a name for your schedule and click "Import". We have added 3 example CSV files (the new KNVB match schedules for A teams) in the installation folder.
The import file should meet the following requirements:
  • semicolon seperated CSV file
  • 3 fields each line (round,home,away)
  • each team plays each other 1 or 2 times (half or full schedule)
  • the number of matches each round is half the number of teams
  • a team must be used once each round
  • number of rounds is a half or a full schedule
  • teamnumbering should start by 1 and should be a contiguous range

Add 3 match schedules of your own. In the licensed version add 50 own match schedules!

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