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- Match schedule

The results of the played matched can be entered at the "results" page.

Click a cell to select the right match. Now enter the result.

Confirm the result by clicking the "OK" button.

To remove a result, select the right match first and click the "delete" button.
The matchdetails of this match are not deleted!

If the matchdate is filled and there is no result yet, and the date is in the past (or today), the cell colors and contains a "!" sign. This way, you can easily see what matches are played and enter the missing results. At the bottom of the page yopu can see when a league is last modified. There is also a button to add extra matches (for example playoffs, friendly, etc.), 3 buttons to adjust the width of the columns and 2 buttons to adjust the fontsize.

Match schedule
For more information about the match schedule see Matchschedules.
With the match schedule turned on you can enter results by opening the "Input results" page from the menu.

Choose the right round in the new window and enter the results for this round.

Use the "Not played" button to search for the first round with missing results.

Select the league you want with the selectionbox at the top or by using the "<" en ">" buttons. Use the checkbox to select wether a match is already played or not. The boxes at the left can be used to fill a matchnumber or other information you like.
Use the boxes at the right to fill particularities, such as "Canceled".

"My teams" are displayed bold.

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