Logos and shirts

Add logos and shirts to Sports League and your leagues come to life!

License option
Use teamshirts in HTML output file!

Add a clublogo for each team in your leagues.
  • Save your logos in the subfolder "teams" of "My Documents\SportsLeague". The images must have the same name as the team. This way, the program automatically loads the images/logos. Like the pictures of players, it is possible to have only 1 logo for each team of a club. So, save a logo named "Chelsea" for the teams "Chelsea 1", "Chelsea 2", etc. See settings.

  • The logo must be in png or gif-format and the names are case insensitive. The program supports transparent gifs and animated gifs. If you have both a .png and .gif file in your folder, the program uses the .png file.
    The maximum size for these logos are 64x64 pixels.
You can download many logos from our downloadpage!

NOTICE: Because teamnames can include the characters /\:*?"><| and filenames cannot, replace these characters with an underscore in the filename of logos and shirts!

Since version 4.1.0 it is possible to add shirts/tenues to each club. These shirts are used in the program and can also be included in the HTML output file (licensed option).
  • Add an image in the subfolder "My Documents\SportsLeague\teams" just like the logos, but add "_shirt" to the filename. For example: My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\ajax_shirt.gif
    The maximum size for these images are 32x32 pixels.
You can download a huge iconset with shirts from our downloadpage!

NOTICE: The logos and shirts are not uploaded during a HTML file upload. You should upload these files manually!

Because there are more options to display a logo/shirt, the table below shows the priority of these options. For example our team is named "FC Barcelona C1".

Filename logo (add red text for shirts)
1. My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\FC_Barcelona_C1_shirt.png
2. My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\FC_Barcelona_C1_shirt.gif
3. My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\FC_Barcelona_shirt.png
4. My Documents\SportsLeague\teams\FC_Barcelona_shirt.gif
Option 3 and 4 only available if a team has a space in its name.

Because of this selection method, the images must exists on your system to include them (licensed option) in your HTML files!!!

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