License options explained

Select your own logo within Sports League!
Create or download your own logo and use select it in Sports League. The logo appears at the top right of the window instead of the default logo.
Logo hyperlinks to your website!
Select your own website in Sports League. From now on, just click your logo and open your website in your favourite browser with just one mouseclick.
Change the background of Sports League!
Your copy of Sports League will come to life with this feature.
HTML output without HisPage link
Your HTML output contains no hyperlink to this Sports League website!
Colors used in matchdetails and the graph are the colors of the teams!
From now on it's easy to recognise your teams. Apply the correct colors for each teams once at the Club window, and your team will allways have their own colors in Sports League en your HTML output.
Teamshirts can be used in HTML output!
This may be the best licensed feature. Your website will be greater than ever for your visitors!

Select the backgroundcolors of the graph!
Select one or two colors for your graph background. This way the graps will easily match your website.
Add up to 50 match schedules of your own!
Create your own match schedules to use in SportsLeague. Simply create a schedules in Excel or your favourite editor, save it as CSV and import it in SportsLeague.

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