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Select a league
In the selectionbox at the top of the window you can choose a league from the database. This box contains only archived leagues or non-archived leagues.

Order leagues
It is possible to change the order of the leagues in the selectionbox. To do this, just click on the button at the left of the box. A new window will open:

Order the leagues by dragging the leagues to the right position. By clicking the buttons "A->Z" or "Z->A", the leagues will be ordered alfabetically, ascending or descending.

League schedule
To view the schedule for the opened league, click at the "star"-button at the left of the selectionbox. The following window will open:

The schedule will be shown. In this window a week starts at tuesday and ends at monday. By using the left and right buttons you can select the previous and next period. Of course the matchdate of the matches must be filled in, otherwise these wil not be shown here. At the bottom of this window it is possible to enter your preferred selections. The content of this window can be saved and uploaded as HTML.

New league
To input a new league just click the button at the top of the window:

A new window will open:

The first box is for the name of the league. For example "Premiere League 2009/2010".
Now you can enter the teams from this league. Enter a teamname in the box "Team". In the box "Short name" the first 3 characters of the teamname will be shown. This short name will be used in the top rows in the result tables. For each team click "Add" to add the new team.
If you make a mistake, just rightclick on a team to delete it. A maximum of 24 teams can be entered. With the option "Order by short name", the teams will be sorted alfabetically. But, more important, this order will be used in the result tables.

At this point you can choose how to enter the results for the matches. This choice can not be changed later!
  • Normal. Goals from 0 to 200, full numbers.
  • Half points. From 0 to 9, half numbers.
Furthermore it is possible to enable the dutch KNVB match schule. This option can be changed any time.

When you are done, just click the button "Done".

Copy teams
The button at the right bottom of this window can be used to copy the teamnames from the currently opened league. These teams can be adjusted if you like.
This is a quick way to add a league at the start of a new season when none or only some teams has changed.

Import leagues
This program has an option to export leagues to your harddrive. These exported league can be imported into the program anytime.

Clone league
Another option is to clone a league.

All data of the currently opened league will be copied with the exception of the results and match details.

Delete league
To delete a league, select the correct league:

Then click the button at the top of the window: Vervolgens klik je op de knop "Verwijder":

The question if you want to create an exportfile will be asked. This is just for safety reasons.
Notice: A deleted league can not be undeleted!

Edit league
It is possible to add or delete a team to/from the league.

With the menu menu option "Add team" you can add a new team. In the new window, enter the teamname, the shortname and the position of the team. The position is for the order in the result tables.
A maximum of 24 teams can be entered.

The menu option "Delete team" can be used to delete a team from the league.

Notice: All data for this team will be lost in this league!

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