One of the best features of Sports League is the HTML ouput. Click the "HTML" button at the top of the window.

The "HTML" window will open:

Select your leagues at the top of the window. If you use "Selection", fill in (part of) the name of one or more leagues. For example, type "Primera" for leagues from the Primera division over the past years. The "Free selection" option will open a new window where you can select the leagues you want. Use the Shift or CTRL buttons to select more than one league.

At the right select:
  • The order (drag the option to the desired position in the new window) and layout for your HTML file.
  • Select to create only one file for all leagues or one file for each league.
  • The option "Automatic" does not ask for a filename and overwrites files automatically. The filename is the name of the league by default. The file extension is ".html" by default. This can be changed at the "Settings/Other" page.
  • Upload Zip. With this option the zipped exportfile is transfered with FTP to your website to the same location as your leaguefiles.
  • Zip hyperlink. In your HTML file there will be a hyperlink which links to the zipped exportfile. This option is for your visitors who like to import this league in their own copy of SportsLeague. The link is not shown when the "Upload Zip" option is not checked.

Other options (use the "Up" and "Down" buttons to see or hide the options):
  • League information. Fill this field at the "Result" page by clicking the "Extra" button. For example, add a teampicture by using the correct HTML code.
  • Results
    • Hyperlinks, show hyperlink for each team if available.
    • Shirts, show the shirt icons for each team in front of the teamname.
  • League Table
    • Selection
      • All matches (current league table)
      • Total + all periods (current league table and all periods)
      • Up to date (league table at a specific date)
      • Up to round (league table after a specific round)
      • Period 1, 2, ... (periods)
    • Compressed league table (without wins, draws, losses). Use the button to select the columns you like to see. Also table header and the use of short teamnames are optional.
    • Hyperlinks, show hyperlinks for each team if available.
    • Shirts, show the shirt icons for each team in front of the teamname.
    • Tabs. If more than one league table has to be shown, you can use tabs. This takes less space at your webpage. The program adds a piece of JavaScript and uses the stylesheet to show the tabs. The tabpictures can be found in the subfolder "images" of the installation folder.
  • Match schedule
    • Selection
      • Select matches (Played, not played or all)
      • Select by date, period or round
    • Show
      • Show starttimes or not
      • Show dates or not
      • Show header above table or not. No headers gives a shorter output file.
      • Show matchnumber or telephonenumber or not
      • Show period and round or not
      • Show free teams or not. If selected, teams which don't have to play in this round, will be shown only if:
        • Ordered by round.
        • Not grouped by date.
        • Match schedule must be set to on.
        • Round should be in "From/to round" if selected.
        • At least 1 match in this round must be shown.
      • Show extra matches or not
      • Show the character "-" between teams or not
      • Show referee or not
      • Show match report or not
      • Show matchdetails or not. The detaillines will be shown by using an icon for goals, cards, etc. If you select both "Results" and "Match schedule", each cell in the resultsheet will contain a hyperlink to the matchdetails of this match.
        • Popup. Show matchdetails in popup-window or directly on the page.
        • Weather. Show the weatherconditions of a match or not.
        • Cumulative. If selected, a player who scored 3 goals, will be shown only once with the text "(3x)" behind his/her name. The minutes will not be shown. Otherwise the name will be shown 3 times.
        Both the matchschedule icons and the weather icons can be found in subfolder "images" of the installationfolder.
      • Shirts, show the shirt icons for each team in front of the teamname.
    • Order by
      • Round
      • Date
      • Reversed (last matches first)
    • Group by
      • Period
      • Round
      • Date
    • Use "My teams only" to select the matches of your team only.
    • Hyperlinks, show hyperlink for each team if available.
  • Statistics
    • Goals
    • Own goals
    • Red cards
    • Yellow cards
    • Penalties
    • Penalties missed
      • Use the "Show picture" option to show a picture of the first player on the list or not.
      • Use the "Top X" box to select how many players should be shown at the most.
      • Use the "Show teamnames" to select if the teamnames of the player should be displayed behind the name of the players.
      • Cumulative. If a player has (had) more than one club, you can select to count it together of keep it seperate.
      • Shirts, show the shirt icons for each team in front of the teamname.

Picture of the players should be in the subfolder "teams/[teamname]/" on your webhost.

Button [OK]

Click the "OK" button to create your document. This document can be opened in your browser. Use the second button to open the file automatically after creation.

Button [Upload]

Use the "Upload" button to create the HTML file en upload it by FTP to your host. Your need an internet connection and all fields at the "Settings/Other" page must be filled correctly. Picture are not uploaded!
Notice: If a file already exists at your host, it will be overwritten!

Above each table in your file is a hyperlink like <a name='[name]'>, where [name] stands for:
  • results
  • standings
  • standingshome
  • standingsaway
  • matches
  • details1 (goals)
  • details2 (own goals)
  • details3 (red cards)
  • details4 (yellow cards)
  • details5 (penalties)
  • details6 (penalties missed)
  • details7 (1st extra detailline)
  • details8 (2nd extra detailline)
If the option "Seperate file per league" is not selected, a "-" and the leaguenumber will be added behind [name]. This will create tags like <a name='matches-164'> or <a name='standings-74'>. The leaguenumber can be found in the HTML code, but can also be found in the program. To do this open the league en Het competitienummer is terug te vinden in de HTML-code, maar kan je ook in het programma terugvinden door in het programma press ALT-c. By using these tags (anchors) it is possible to jump to the table you like with one mouseclick.

Above each table (HTML) the header will be shown (for example "Standings or "Results") with the name of the league. If the option "Seperate file per league" is not selected, the name of the league will not be shown here. This way, it is possible to create several settingsfiles. Use the selectionbox to select the settingsfile you want.

Use the "Save" button to save all selections you made for the next time you open this window. Use the "Save as" button to save these settings the another file.

Notice: Your document can be changed by using a stylesheet. For more information, see Settings.

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