At the page "History" you can create several historical listings.

Select wich leagues and which teams you like to see you at the top of the window. Give a (part of) the name of a league and/or team in the corresponding boxes. This is case-insensitive.
At the right you can select what to do with the output file (HTML). It is possible to open the file after creation or to upload the file. See Settings.

Throughout the years the number of points you get for a win could be changed. That's why you must select how many points you get for a win, draw and loss. The output file shows the standings of all selected leagues and/or teams together in one list.

Team alias
Throughout the years some clubs have changed their name. For example, Feyenoord used to be called Feijenoord, but is still the same club. To see Feyenoord only once in the listings, use the "Team alias" window from the menu.

Click the "New" button to create a new record. Use the columns to fill in the names for one club. Delete a club by clicking the "Delete" button.

Head to head
This one is similar to the "History" page at the "Matchdetails" window.
By default the selectionboxes contain teams from the current league. Use the "All teams" button to choose teams from other leagues. Use the button between the selectionboxes to swap the teams.
The option "Include matchdetails" is to show the detaillines or not (goals, cards, etc).
The option "Use symbols" is for using icons of text for the detaillines.
The option "Combine home and away matches" can be used to see not only "Arsenal-Chelsea", but "Chelsea-Arsenal" as well.

The summary of goals, cards etc. gives a total per player over the selected leagues.

A summary of matches played, penalty minutes and valuation per player over the selected leagues.

This is summary for many facts, like "most/least goals", "most/least red cards", etc. These facts are per league, average per match, per match and per player per season. Use the option "Archive only" to avoid the running leagues. A running league will, for example, always show the "least goals against". If something is "0", it will not be shown here.
Use the button to select which extremities you like to see.

Champions/My teams
A summary of the champions and the results of "My Teams" for the selected leagues. Order by results or leaguename.

So you will find a lot of information here!

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