Sports League not only has the possibility to upload your HTML files with one buttonclick, but also to fill in results over the internet and import these results in the program. To do this, you need at least an internet connection and a server which supports PHP. That's all!
This is how it works:

  • Enter the FTP settings at the Settings page.
    The "Result folder" is where the files should be on the server. Although it is not neccessary, you better choose an empty folder.
    This folder must have read and write permission (chmod 777)
  • Click at the top of the window at the "FTP" button. A new window will open.

    At the "Upload" page select:
    • Which leagues you want to upload.
    • Only matches for my teams or all matches.
    • What can be edited by a user. "From list only" means that a user must select a referee/player from the list which is in Sports League. "Manually only" means that the user has to fill in the name himself.
  • Click the "Upload" button. (only matches without a result will be uploaded)
The following files will be uploaded to the server:
  • hispage.php
    The PHP script to input the results. This script can be adjusted as you wish. Once uploaded, it can be deleted fom the harddisc.
  • input.his
    This file contains the inputdata; what matches can be edited by the user.
  • kalender.html
    HTML file for choosing a date.
  • referees.his
  • settings.php
  • players.his
! Important: The files hispage.php, kalender.php and password.php will be installed in the subfolder "ftp" in the installationfolder. To upload these files automatically, you must copy these files to the "My Documents\SportsLeague\ftp" folder. Of course these files can be uploaded manually too.
The other files will be created by SportsLeague and are stored in the "My Documents\SportsLeague\ftp" folder.

  • Open the url: https://www.your_server.com/resultdir/hispage.php (adjust servername and folder)
  • Choose league.
  • Choose match.
  • Fill in the match details en click the "Save" button.
  • Fill in the detaillines by clicking the "Add" button for each line.
Two files are created when a user fills in the results: match details (kop.out) and detaillines (regels.out).


Click at the top of the window at the "FTP" button. A new window will open.

  • Click the "Download" button at the "Download" page.
  • If the program has not yet processed a file from the previous time, you will be asked to process it now. Choosing "No" will delete this data!
  • The program downloads the 2 files from the internet en shows the data on screen.
  • The table at the upperleft of the window shows the matches and how many detaillines (#) are entered. Click a match to see the details at the bottom of the window.
  • The program checks for
    • a league should always be in Sports League and not in the archive.
    • a match must exist in Sports League
    • is the result already filled in in Sports League.
    • the number of goals should correspond with the detaillines.
    • the number of goals should be less than 200 (or 9 for half points).
    If this is correct a lines becomes green (otherwise red) and the checkbox will be set to on.
  • Select the matches which you want to process by clicking the checkboxes
    Matches which are not marked, will be lost after processing the file!
  • Result, date, starttime, referee and matchreport can be adjusted here.
  • The detaillines become bleu or green depending on the home or awayteam.
  • Detaillines can be deleted with a rightmouseclick.
  • Click the "Process" button to process the data. The result, date, starttime, referee and matchreport will be overwritten. Detaillines will be added.


For safety reasons is it possible to secure your files. This can be done in two ways.
  • Form
    If you set a password at the "Upload" window, then you have to enter this password when you access the internetpage. Better security gives "MD5". Your password will be in MD5 code.
  • .htaccess
    In the subfolder "ftp" in the installationdirecory on your PC is the script "password.php". Upload this script to the direcory where your Sports League files are. Start your browser and fill in name and password. From now on the folder is secured. Two files are made: .htaccess and .htpasswd. To undo this security, simply deleted these two files.
    Notice: Delete the password.php file from the server immediately after creating the security files!

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