Extra matches and league information

It is possible to add extra matches to the league. For examples playoff matches or friendly matches. To do this click at the "Result" page the "Extra" button at the bottom of the window. The extra button gets a red fontcolor when an extra match is played and no result is filled in yet.

The next window will be shown:

Select two teams from the list or by using the free input option. Enter the result and click the "Add" button. Now you can edit the matchdetails the same way as for normal matches. Use the box at the bottom to record what type of match it is. For example "Friendly".

The matchdetails can be included in the statistics at the "Settings/Other" page. If checked the details are shown at the pages "Statistics", "Goals and cards" and "Settings/Persons" and in the two player popup windows.

League information
This can be used to record all you want which can not be recorded anywhere else.

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