Double league

Since version 3 it is possible to enter 4 types of leagues:
  • Half league
  • Full league
  • One and half league
  • Double league
Standard a new league is full league. To changes this, go to the page "Settings/Current league".

If a league is One and half or double, you can see two buttons at the lowerleft corner of the "Results" page:

Use these buttons to go to the second part of the schedule.

Without a match schedule, the program does not know which matches should be played (and which not) in half and one and half leagues. So the program does this:
  • With schedule
    • All pages use the schedule and the choosen league type.
    • The result table shows "-" for matches which are not in the schedule.
  • Without schedule
    • Only the two above mentioned buttons are visible at one and half and double leagues.

Notice: Match details entered for matches which are not in the schedule, will be shown in several statistics pages! The results will not be included.

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