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- Goals and cards
- Match report
- Line-up
- Media
- History
- Poster

Select a match by clicking in the correct cell and enter the result. Click the button "details":

A new window will open. At the top of this window you can enter the following data:

  • Points penalty/Extra points in the boxes at the upperleft and upperright corner of the window.
  • Halftime result. Below the result enter the halftime result.
  • Matchnumber/free field (alphanumeric)
  • Starttime of the match. Rightclick this box to set this starttime is default for this team.
  • Date of the match. Use the button to choose a date or enter a date manually.
  • Referee (if available a picture will be shown) See settings for more information. It is possible to valuate the referee in the box under his/her picture.
    If a referee does not exists, you can add a referee quickly by a rightclick on the refereebox. Add the new referee.
    Empty this field with the middleclick mousebutton.
  • Period.
  • Round. Readonly if match schedule is enabled.
  • Particularity (can be shown in standings if no result is entered).
    Use the button next to the box to add or delete particularities. Use doubleclick to select particularity.
The weather conditions can be entered at the bottom of the window.

This information can be put in the HTML output. See HTML.

Goals and cards
Enter goals and cards at the first page.

Use the following 3 fields:
  • The minute of the occasion. This could be empty.
  • What happened. (A goal, a yellow card, etc)
  • Which player. You should choose from the available players. If available the picture of the player will be shown. See settings for more information.
  • Active, inactive or both. Choose what players you want to see.
Click the "Add" button.

After adding a new line you can add the minute of injurytime. For example, a goal is scored at injurytime of the first half. You can enter minute "45" en then under "+" enter "2".

To delete a line, select this line and click button "Delete".

To see what team a player belongs to, the shirts are shown next to the players name. If these are not available, the logo of the club will be shown.
The other way to recognize the team is the backcolor for the lines you entered. Red for the hometeam and blue for the away team.

License option
Select up to three colors for each club in de Clubinfo window. These colors are used for the lines you enter here. If team 2 has the same first color as team 1, the second color (if it is set) is used for team 2. If no colors are set, the program uses the default colors.
Dark colors are lightened for better readability.

When a player does not exists is the playerdatabase, you can add a player by a rightclick at the playersbox. Enter the new player.

If a player already exists, but is inactive, you will be asked to set this player to "active".

At the bottom of the page, you can enter the names of the managers of the teams and how many spectators visited the match. If a manager is known for this team, you can select the name from the selectbox.

Match report
The page "Match report" is used for a report of the match. All information can be entered here. It is possible to enter HTML codes, so you can enter hyperlinks, pictures, etc. To simplify to HTML input, the most used HTML codes can be entered by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the page. Use the "To HTML" button to open this report in your favourite browser.

The page "Line-up" can be used to record the players of the match.

All available players are on the left and can be transported to the right with the buttons. One at a time or all at once. The meaning of the columns:
  • From, the minute from which the player was active in this match.
  • Tot, the minute in which in the player ended the match.
  • Pen., the number of penalty minutes a player got.
  • Val., the valuation for the player.
When you add a player, the default playtime (see page "Settings/Current league") is filled in. If a player was not active in this match, you can simply not add this player, or fill in "0" twice for "from/to minute". Bij toevoeging van een speler wordt standaard de speeltijd ingevuld als op het tabblad "Instellingen", "Huidige competitie" is ingevoerd. Delete a player from the list the same way you add them.

At the page "Media" you can add pictures and/or videos of the match.

Click the button "Add" en choose a file from your harddrive. The file will be shown in the list. Click at a line to see the preview for the file in the lowerright corner of the window. Depending on your PC configuration you will see a thumbnail or an icon of the file. Doubleclick this preview to open the file in the corresponding program. The option "Fit" is ment to fit the preview in the box or the show the preview in full size. Delete a file with the "Delete" button. The file will ot be deleted from your harddrive!
The files in this list will not be in a export file!

Choose the menu option "Browse media" to see all the recorded files in the program. This window is readonly.
The list can be sorted by clicking the column headers.

The page "History" shows all matches between these two teams.

Only matches with same hometeam are shown. So a match "AC Milan-Barcelona" is not shown at the match details for "Barcelona-AC Milan". And all matches should be in Sports League, of course, and "Extra matches" are not shown.
At the top is the number of matches, number of wins, draws, goals, best result, last win (only if dates are entered). At the left are all matches including the current match. By clicking on a match you will see the match details on the right.

At this page, it is possible to create a poster of the match.

At the left you can choose the fontsize and fontcolor. The checkbox behind date and time can be used to print the text "Date" and/or "Starttime". At the right you can choose what you want to print and what not. The field "Location" is automatically filled from the fields in "Clubinfo", and can be overwritten (the clubinfo is not adjusted). Use the button "Undo" to reset the fields. Use the "Save" button to save all the settings you entered here.

Click the "HTML" or "HTML and open" button to create the poster. The HTML file can be opened, printed and adjusted just as you like.
The copyright-text may not be removed or edited!

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