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The best thing is, Sports League is totally free! But if you want the extended version with some great extra features, you can order a lifetime license for just 49,- Euro.
To get your license, fill in the form below and receive your own licensekey!

The extra's you get:
  • Select your own logo within Sports League!
  • The logo links to your website!
  • Change the background of Sports League!
  • The HTML output contains no hyperlink to the Sports League website!
  • Colors used in matchdetails and the graph are the colors of the teams!
  • Teamshirts can be used in HTML output!
  • Select the backgroundcolors of the graph!
  • Add up to 50 matchschedules of your own!

  • The licensekey you receive will be valid forever. That means for every version of SportsLeague.
  • The licensekey can be used by everyone of your club.
  • HisPage is not responsible in any way for the loss or misuse of the licensecode.
  • After your payment is received, the order can not be undone.

Step 1
Fill in the request form below.
Step 2
Confirm your input. After this, you will receice an email.
Step 3
Click the hyperlink in your email to activate your order.
Step 4
Transfer your payment.

Name: PM Achterberg
City: Nieuw-Beijerland
Country: The Netherlands
IBAN nr: NL95 INGB 0748980997
ING Bank Identifier Code (BIC)/SWIFT: INGBNL2A
Please add your ordernumber and website/URL

Request form
website (without https://)

  • After your payment has been received, you will get an email including your licensekey.
  • Open SportsLeague and open tab [Settings], [Other].
  • Under 'My Logo' fill in your website (without https://) and your licensekey.
  • Choose the logo you like. The best format is 200x74 pixels.

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