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Sports League

Sports League is free sports league management software, to manage competitions/leagues of all kinds of sports: football/soccer, hockey, icehockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, chess, rugby, handball, waterpolo etc. Try it, and find out yourself that Sports League is the best free league manager available!

5 Stars winning application for free!

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  • Create up to a million leagues.
  • League tables (including home/away, periods and manual league tables).
  • Results (including halftime results)
  • Matchdetails including dates, referees, managers, goalscorers, cards, periods, rounds, matchreport, line-up and more...
  • Add media files to each match.
  • Head to head history.
  • Extensive statistics of the leagues.
  • Logo's and shirts of clubs and photographs and names of players, referees and managers.
  • Adjust the number of points for a win, draw and loss.
  • Add penalty points and extra points.
  • Import results and reports entered by others on the internet.
  • Adjust colors.
  • Export to HTML.
  • Update your website with only one button!
  • Import and export of leagues.
  • Include extra matches in a league.
  • Including automatic (dutch KNVB) match schedules.
  • Multi language.
  • Extensive history statistics.
  • Automatic updates.
  • And yet much more...
Download Sports League

Sports League is totally free!
But if you want some extra's, you can order a lifetime license for just 49,- Euro.
The extra's you get: 49 Euro
  • Select your own logo within Sports League!
  • The logo links to your website!
  • Change the background of Sports League!
  • The HTML output contains no hyperlink to the Sports League website!
  • Colors used in matchdetails and the graph are the colors of the teams!
  • Teamshirts can be used in HTML output!
  • Select the backgroundcolors of the graph!
  • Add up to 50 match schedule of your own!

Who are using Sports League?

Sports League is used by enthousiastic parents who wants to record all achievements of their children. Also, Sports League is used by coaches and managers of many kind of sports to analyse all results and goals of their own team and their opponents. But most of all, Sports League is used by webmasters of many clubs and associations who maintain the website. It is so easy to update the website after each match. Only one button push and your website is up-to-date: results, league table, goals scorers, etc. !
So, don't hesitate any longer and try Sports League yourself for FREE!!!

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